Pakistan Patriotic Youth meeting held at regional hotel of larkana in the supervision of senior wise president of Sindh of PPY Mr.Liaqat Ali Abro & his team of Larkana Advocate Akhtiara Advocate Salma Bhutto Yasin Abro younis Abro Nazar Abro regarding rally of 14th August at larkana.

Where he said that ppy is not a political party, our goal is to help the pak Army that our pak Army remains strong forever & No one could see with dirty eyes.more he said that the rally will take place with our national flages on 14th august which is our indepedence day.rally will cross from diffrent intersections of the city & will end at the gate of jinnah bag larkana.

More liaqat Abro added that after great secrifices we got this country.which will remain top & forever in the map of world.