Larkana (Bureau Report)

The main leaders of Social Democratic group independent (SDGI) conducted press Conference at larkana yesterday.

SDGI leaders Dr.Traiq Hussain Soomro, Mir Mazahar Talpar , Ali Marda Rahojo Iqbal tareen briefed media that There are so many parties are working in our country but all they are working for their personnel cause & Interest. No one is working for service of nation but we have started working for the basic rights of Hume being.

We have made social democratic group independent where we have refined candidates who came to us. We have selected competent contestant who are eligible to work for the development of our country.

They said our candidate Dr.Tariq Hussain Soomro is contesting from larkana NA-200. Inshaullah conscious people of larkana will support us & results will be favorable.