Gilgit Baltistan

Former Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan  Syed Mehdi Ali Shah told the media that he is with the party from the beginning,he added that he has seen tenure of  Shaheed Babi Benazir Bhutto,Zulfqar Ali Bhutto the current politics, he said that The political career he started when Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took over the power. At that time, we were called Northern, when he went to different parts of the Northern Territory, even where no DC or EC has been gone, the entire Gilgit-Baltistan He went to the corner and heard the people and before the revolution of a revolutionary reform, Finished, made two districts in five districts, and made schools and colleges instantly in each district


Therefore, till today, people remember Bhutto, and at that time we had the hope that we could not get our rights till today, only Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto made the province and said that provincial governor No history has been made. syed Mehdi Ali Shah further added that in 1975 the Colleges Union was scared that he was the General Secretary of PSF and Bhutto met him without any protocol and security , that Bhutto Never needed any security, since 1975,till today stands with the party, we have traveled a lot of times in this very difficult situation. Having seen the Marshall of Zia,ul Haq,Ex Cm syed Mehdi Ali Shah further added that I got a lot of respect from the Pakistan Peoples Party, and devoted his youth in the service of this party. At present we have only one problem and that is legally rights of province of GB, He said that in last government ex PM yousif Raza Geelani made Gilgit Baltistan Province on executive order  with the help of ex president of pakistan Asif Ali zardari.But not made the whole province, now we demand that Gilgit Baltistan should be made a whole province and We hope this time when Bilawal Bhutto Zardari becomes Prime Minister than he will definitely make province and he will make a history like his grandfather.