Pakistan Peoples Party Gilgit baltistan president Adv Amjad Ali has said that Hafeez Ul Rahman should remain a chief Minster but not a judge. In 2013 dead bodies were brought in Gilgit Baltistan,Hafeef Rahman is responsible for that. He should consider his activities neither criticizing upon Pakistan peoples party, the people who claim to maintain the peace are along with the extremists those peoples are together  under the shelter of regional, political, religious, extremists. there is great need of Rad ul fasad operation against them, than nawaz shareef is chastised , hafeez ul Rahman will make pardon to secure him self ,Hafeez ul rahman confined religious members of assembly to prevent vote of no confidence against him. It was disclosed Pakistan peoples party played positive an important role of apposition real face of hafeez Rahman will be disclosed who is involved in huge corruption.further advocate amjad said Hafeez’s expedition will expose in front of the people of Gilgit Baltistan. By making politics on the plane of Pakistan people’s party they can’t make foolish the people of Nagar.